The Importance of Home Insurance

Here is a story of two neighbours who decided to go on holiday together. The Elliots, who lived at number 9 Acorn Lane, and the Bennetts who resided next door at number 11.

The Elliots put all of their time and energy for the past month into readying themselves for this trip of a lifetime to Fiji. Alan made sure the scuba gear was in perfect working order while his wife, Jane, was out purchasing the perfect tropical attire. The Bennetts, on the other hand, spent their time preparing their home for their month-long absence. Perhaps the most important preparation they made was the studying of their home insurance policies. Anne wanted to make sure their possessions would be covered in the event of a break-in. Charles was more concerned about the house itself due to the fierce winds the winter had thrown at them, compounded by the aging trees in the back garden. After reading the fine print on their policies, Charles discovered that a damaged roof would be covered in the claim, but not anything that would happen as a result of the smash-up, like water damage to the interior. While the Elliots poked fun at them and bought a new camera, Charles and Anne spoke with the insurer and had their coverage increased and were able to enjoy the fruits of Fiji with peace of mind.

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Now, imagine that one of the most severe storms in England's history hit Acorn Lane, toppling two giant oaks right on top of numbers 9 and 11. When notified about the occurrence, the Elliots caught the first flight home while Jane sobbed and Alan cursed God, the fates and life in general. They had a home insurance policy, of course, one they had set into place when they bought the house eight-plus years ago. Had they ever reviewed the policy? Had they read the fine print in order to know what exceptions the policy held? If they had done they would not have had to spend a fortune replacing the furniture and rugs along with repairing Jane's heirloom piano.

What did the Bennetts do? Once a phone call was placed to the insurer, they were able to continue their month in Fiji with the assurance that their
home was in good hands. Their home rescue insurance was definitely the hero of the story.

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