International Health Insurance for UK Residents

The United Kingdom provides health insurance as a public service to all of its residents. Hospitals are run by the government and services are free of charge to all British nationals. Britainís National Health Service (NHS) does not cover medical services outside the country, so international health insurance for UK residents may be necessary.

International health insurance for UK residents is available through most major insurance providers. Most companies offer a variety of plans: individual, family, group, travel, teacher, and student plans. Each plan can be tailored to meet specific needs with flexible options for deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

Individual and family plans can be written to include chronic conditions, maternity, dental, medical emergencies, evacuations, personal accident coverage, and in some cases, pre-existing conditions. Plans are suitable for all ages and occupations, and are guaranteed renewal each year for life.

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Premiums are not based on your nationality or occupation, but based on your age and where your family lives. Most international health insurance is not specific to one country, so you can move to a new country or relocate back home and your health insurance goes with you.

Group plans are designed for companies, sports clubs or social clubs with three or more people. Plans can be structured to offer varying levels of benefits and deductibles for different levels of employees. If a member leaves the company or group, most plans can be transferred to an
individual policy. Group plans are not country specific, and can go with the individual should he or she relocate.

Travel plans are designed for residents that are traveling out of the UK for an extended period, usually a maximum of 12 months. Benefits may vary by insurance provider, but services such as hospitalization, doctor visits, prescribed medicines, ambulance transportation and burial arrangements are often included at 100% coverage.

Teacher plans are designed for teachers in an international school or teaching abroad. These plans have comprehensive and flexible benefits and are usually available with worldwide coverage.

Student plans are designed for students who are studying abroad. Students traveling to Britain to study are eligible for NHS if they are enrolled in a program that is longer than six months.

When selecting International Health Insurance you should consider the following:

Overall maximum benefits
Geographical areas of coverage
Hospitalization / Non-Hospitalization Benefits
Maternity Coverage ( if needed )
Dental Coverage
Medical Emergencies
Prescription Medicines
Waiting Periods

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